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Since when does DubbelAA excist?

Dubbel AA was founded in 1951

Do you work outside of Europe?

Yes, Dubbel AA build exhibitions stands nationally and internationally. Also outside Europe, for example in the USA, Far East and Dubai

Is storage of the exhibition stand materials possible?

Yes, we have a storage service in house at competitive all-in prices. For storing stand and promotional materials we offer storage capacity from 1 m2 at an all-in price for our clients. Fill in the contact form and receive a quote within 24 hours


You also take care of transportation?

Yes, we have our own trucks and rent also specialised exhibition transport in

To which sizes can you build?

We build any size exhibition stand or booth, fit within the available budget. Results-oriented and in close cooperation with our clients

Is it possible to view the stand design in 3D?

Yes, we have our own 3D – designers

Do you deliver the exhibition stand turn-key?

Yes, we relieve for 100%